Your success is not because of Jesus, it does not roll with immorality

Your success is not because of Jesus, it does not roll with immorality

A Nigerian cleric warned American rapper Cardi B for attributing her brilliant career to Christ.

Cardi recently released a new single “WAPStarring American rapper Megan The Stallion and shut down the internet a few days after its release. A fan took to Twitter to poke fun at those who said his career ended after the release Bodak Yellow“. The rapper responded by thanking for his . “When says yes no one can say no

However, a Nigerian cleric identified as Tomiwa Immanuel on Twitter warned her against her statement. According to him, his his music mainly about and blasphemy. He said that even though loves him, he doesn’t .

In his words: “I am really happy for Cardi as an artist. However, his isn’t “Jesus said yes” – his music mostly about and blasphemy, and even though Jesus loves him, he doesn’t . She succeeds she gives the world what they want. Fin. There no interpretation the character or agenda Jesus apart from what in the scriptures. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus would sit Cardi and Meg, laughing and talking about his wonderful grace. He didn’t want to sit down and listen to their music.

Jesus loves the world, everyone in him. But check His communication the people, He always talked about living the life that you’ve been called to. Jesus wants you to live holy, just as he made you holy. involves the message that you are preaching and defending. You can’t make a career out doing things that go against what the Bible says and then saying that God made you succeed. You are successful you make music that a world sin and depravity loves to hear, as well as great beats, marketing strategy, etc.

Cardi has said herself, she will keep rapping about her soldiers because that’s what fans seem to like, because rappers who rap about meaningful things don’t get that much recognition. So how do you congratulate Jesus on his in a career that lacks Jesus’ values?

See his tweets below:

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