Your baby project> my literal baby

I’m a ghostwriter, and I was working with a client who kept hiring me on mini contracts to edit his chapters. He also recently became my lowest paid client after increasing all my rates and insisting on a lot of annoying extras like long, disjointed video meetings, so I wasn’t really sad to see him go.

Me: Hello, [client]. I just wanted to update you on something that is going to affect my work in the future. I recently found out that I was pregnant! Although I am so happy, it does mean that I now have to carefully plan my time for the next six months before going on maternity leave, and unfortunately I can only fit into the work I have already taken on at the hospital. ‘to come up. This means that I will no longer be able to work on your project.

I’m paraphrasing… My letter was much more polite and apologetic. I approved recommendations for alternatives and wished him the best with the project.

Customer: Okay. I can wait. Can you fit me after six months? You’re still going to be doing some work during maternity leave, right?

No man. I’m not going to be working on your book while I’m literally in the hospital giving birth. Wow.

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