You did what I want but you didn’t do anything

I had a client who wanted a social media strategy, so we had a few conversations and worked on one accordingly. She responded with a huge essay telling me that she has a strategy and just wants a list of action points that I’m going to perform … I should have seen the red flags then, but I persevered in attributing that to poor communication. We agreed on the action points and I fell for it.

Action points included posting to social media and creating paid ads.

I will post on her social accounts, which she gave me access to when we agreed on action points, and found out that she had removed my access. I contact her to rectify and she tells me that she has trust issues and because I hadn’t posted for 12 hours (overnight since we spoke) she revoked the access. This kept happening on and off and then I got another long email this time around explaining how I’m not posting on social media as agreed …

I also created paid ads with incredible performance, reaching the 2 goals we set for ourselves. She told me they were targeting the wrong places (they weren’t) and no one had seen them (the range exceeded the target etc).

On top of all that, she sent me up to 47 emails a day, demanding a response from everyone, then texted me to say that she didn’t think I was doing anything.

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