Yeah … I can’t work with that.

I was approached by a friend of a friend who has an advertising agency to create advertisements at 10 € / hour (I know, I know…). All the while, he kept saying that most of the work was about trendy Chinese products, and the only things that matter when it comes to advertising are quantity and speed.

I created advertisements (videos, banners) for 2 different clients, one for a tanning company and one for a butcher shop, he was satisfied with both and at least the first (tanning company) was done at a very high level because I had good photos and videos to use.

Then came the famous advertisements for Chinese products. I was given rather poor instruction, but nonetheless being independent is important. I was given examples of the previous work and a link to the website, which only had horrible images (imagine AliExpress level images, with text, etc.).

I sent them, working nights as always, because he was always sending the things he needed a day before he needed them. No response for 4 days during which he must have seen it and then he probably got a response from his client.

Customer: Creatives are very bad and the client asked me about my sanity. No offense, but it looks like I’m going to have to find someone who knows their stuff a bit better (at least when it comes to advertisements for trendy products). Have you even looked at other examples?

Me: Unfortunately, there is not much I can do without good material, especially not today until tomorrow. I have done a lot of research online and most of the images are very poor quality and there are no videos to find. And when it comes to the banners, I stuck with the exact styling you provided.

The exact style I mentioned? He sent me 3 sample banners – each just a product photo or a product photo over a background photo, with a big circle with -X% written in it. That’s it. This is also what he got from me. And that’s what he wasn’t happy with. The videos he sent were videos of the products used (really short and already edited so unusable for me), which of course he didn’t provide at all – I guess that was the customer’s problem but … I cannot make the statue of David with manure.

Sent him the invoice – pending response and pending issues.

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