Without IELTS, Study in Canada in 2021 (Amazing Opportunity)

With IELTS and today’s technology, studying in Canada without IELTS is now simple. You need a good level of English in order to study abroad: IELTS is an international language test. There are many fully funded scholarships available in Canada, but most students opt not to apply due to the cost of the IELTS test.

Admission to universities or colleges in countries such as UK, USA, Australia, and Netherlands require IELTS scores. It is, however, Canadian Higher Institutions that we are referring to here. The new policies Justin Trudeau has put in place to foster international education in Canada are responsible for Canada’s high education quality. Approximately 5000 courses are offered by Canada’s 97 universities. The program is open to citizens of all countries.

University researchers in Canada have noticed that graduates with degrees from school in the English language demonstrate good communication skills in reading and writing. They only have to submit specific documents to get admission to the university of Canada. Further details are given below.

Detailed Information on Studying in Canada Without IELTS in 2021

  • The country: Canada

  • Canada’s role in education

  • The degree level is MS Degree Programs, Diplomas, Postsecondary or Postgraduate Certificates or a Master’s Degree from a college, technical or vocational school.

This ranking lists the best Canadian universities without IELTS

A degree in English is not required of students that take the IELTS exam. Students coming from non-English countries and those who are native English speakers are welcome to apply.

Additionally, students who complete either an O-Level or A-level examination do not need to take IELTS. In Canada, universities have set their own English language tests to prove the students’ proficiency.

These are the Canadian universities that are exempt from fees:

  • Saskatchewan University

  • Brock University

  • The University of Carleton

  • Winnipeg University

  • Regina University

  • University of Memorial

  • University of Concordia

  • Orientation courses may be substituted for conditional admission in some universities, for example.

Some universities will accept conditional applicants, like requiring students to excel in additional language courses on top of their major.

Many universities are accepting Duolingo as an alternative to IELTS in countries like Canada, UK, the United States & Australia. However, the IELTS test centers have closed because of the lockdown situation and COVID.

Studyling in Canada now has new advantages: Canadian students are able to get work permits after they complete their studies, you can learn more here: IELTS Score and Canadian Visas?

Universities without IELTS in the U.S.

Universities in the USA where English proficiency is not necessary will have other requirements that you must meet in order to be admitted

Iowa State University
Arkansas University
Dayton University
Delaware University
New Orleans University
Colorado University
State University of California
University of Drexel
New York State University

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