Why Nigeria Lacks Competent Young Adults to Lead Government – Aisha Buhari

Why Nigeria Lacks Competent Young Adults to Lead Government - Aisha Buhari


The First Lady of Nigeria, Dr Aisha Buhari, noted that Nigeria might not have competent young adults to lead government, businesses and universities in the future if the problem of malnutrition was not not resolved.

Ms Buhari, who was represented by Ms Oludolapo Osinbajo, wife of the vice president, spoke at the national virtual summit on nutrition held on Tuesday.

A statement to Ontopnaija on Wednesday by Aliyu Abdullahi, Special Assistant to the President on Media and Advertising, said Ms Buhari tasked stakeholders to end the scourge of malnutrition plaguing Nigerian children so that they can survive , thrive and possess the cognitive skills necessary to manage the future.

To ignore this, she said, is to mortgage our future, “because tomorrow we wouldn’t have competent young adults to run government, businesses or even universities.”

“At present, we are certain that the Nigerian government and people are not oblivious to the nutritional situation in the country.

“We have also made progress in recent years, especially having more stakeholders talking about nutrition and securing more nutrition-sensitive budget lines at federal and state levels,” she said.

Ms Buhari also drew attention to the current global pandemic, which has worsened the situation by shifting all attention and resources to containing the COVID-19 virus and unknowingly excluding vulnerable children in the process. She said their life was just as important.

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