Why Erica could be disqualified from BBNaija 2020 Lockdown House

Why Erica could be disqualified from BBNaija 2020 Lockdown House

Why May Be from the 2020 .

Big Brother Naija’s roommate on Saturday broke three rules of the “ ” edition, which could result in her disqualification from the show.

The 26-year-old roommate, born in Abia, broke the rules after the Saturday night party with DJ Kaywise in the closed .

rained down abuse on and other roommates who refused to support her after approaching to clarify her statement that she had tried to kiss him individually, as reviewed by Ebuka.

Still burning with anger after refused to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she tried to kiss him, lashed out at him and Prince.

went ahead and broke the following rules.

1. Erica threatened to kill outside the .

2. She also poured water on the bed of the head of the (HoH) in order to prevent Prince who is her deputy from sharing the living room with her.

3. She also used the word “vote” in her discussions with Kiddwaya. She had said she hoped viewers would vote against because he was manipulative.

The above infractions violate Biggie’s rules, which state that the head of the house and his deputies must sleep on the same bed during the week.

Threatening to kill and claiming that she would do everything in her power to make sure suffers in life breaks house rules which state that “roommates must never threaten, bully or act violently towards each other ”.

Additionally, the use of the word “vote” is against the warning issued by Biggie last week that roommates should not solicit the vote at home.

He also banned the words “vote and fans”.

Erica who could be for these acts admitted that she was ready to suffer any consequences.

Remember that Erica is already on 2 strikes and an additional strike will result in her disqualification from the reality TV show.


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