Why change the dummy content for a dummy customer?

Customer: The design is awesome, let’s go.

Me: Yes, of course, as long as there are no further amendments?

Customer: No, I love it!

Me: Okay, but I’m * still * waiting for the content from you. I will build it with dummy content.

A week later, when the site was built:

Me: Here is the site. Can you please review it and give me your feedback. Please keep in mind that you must always provide the correct content.

Customer: The site looks great, can we go online?

Me: No, the content has not yet been fully delivered, so the site is littered with dummy content. Can you provide us with the content you want and all the testimonials?

Customer: But can’t we just live like that and add the content and testimonials later? I like the testimonials as they are.

Me: * Chief * * Office *

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