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PIQO: The World’s Most Powerful Pocket Projector – SAVE $ 400 ENDING SOON

Bored? Do you like to watch movies in bed? Travel shows? Transform your viewing experience with the world’s most powerful and portable pocket projector. It integrates Netflix, YouTube and access to thousands of other apps. Whether you’re streaming from Airplay, Google Cast, or using internal memory, this projector keeps you entertained on the go. PIQO is a powerful HD projector that turns your average media viewing into a cinematic experience. This compact 2 inch cube is filled to the brim with cutting edge technology and is capable of a beautiful 240 inch HD projection or 15 inch compact projection in the backseat of your car. With features like Android OS Smart TV, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, Hi-Fi speakers, screen mirroring, offline storage and up to 5 hours of battery life , you can enjoy Full HD cinematic experience from anywhere. And when you’re done, you can put it in your pocket. Here are some other amazing features:
– Integrated Hi-Fi speakers
– Automatic keystone angle correction
– Quick charge
– Touch screen
– Compatible with over 3 million apps on the Google Play Store
THE SALE IS CLOSING SOON. Visit www.thepiqoprojector.com to save $ 400. Get yours today!

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