Vee advises Laycon to stay away from Erica

Vee advises Laycon to stay away from Erica

Vee advises stay away from Erica.

Big Brother Naija lockdown roommate Vee advised stay away from Erica being emotionally blackmailed on the ongoing reality show.

Erica who before making his decision on her deputy head of the house approached told him that trusted him felt more secure with him.

However, , who was struggling leave Erica on Monday night, got really annoyed after choosing Kiddwaya as Deputy House Manager when spoke him earlier after winning the House Head Challenge.

This upset Vee Neo as they approached , advising him stay away from Erica focus on her acting on the reality show.

Vee to Laycon:

“Keep your distance, get away from Erica.

’re a good friend and have patience, but do the first one now because chose Kiddwaya.”

are not in this house for a girl, accept what it is.

“Avoid her and her directly to her face that must alone.

“Don’t allow anyone to blackmail emotionally.

have other people who care about , me and Neo are here. Stay with us and get away from her.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Laycon BBNaija housemate.


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