Trikytee BBNaija 2020 Biography (Trikytee BBNaija Lockdown Pictures)

Trikytee BBNaija 2020 Biography (Trikytee BBNaija Lockdown Pictures)

Biography (Photos from BBNaija Lockdown).

lockdown housemate full bio, where we take a look at Big Brother Naija’s roommates bio based on popular research from our esteemed readers.

is one of the contestants who appeared on Season 5 of the Big Brother Naija 2020 reality show. In this article, I will reveal the important details about BBN 2020 lockdown housemate.

This article is written about Roommate BBNaija from the Season 5 Show in 2020, which contains the locked roommate’s full profile, ’s real name, age, relationship status, and education.

Never having been the only one to fear a challenge or competition, Praise plans to use her competitive edge to her advantage in the #BBNaija House. has an interest in becoming a reality TV star, which was the reason for going to the Big Brother Nigeria reality show in Season 5 of the Lockdown 2020 edition.

Profile of Big Brother Housemate 2020

This is a full profile of Trikytee BBNaija Housemate, which contains her real name, age, home state, hobbies, and occupation.

  • Trikytee’s full name:
  • Age of Trikytee: Trikytee turns 35 in 2020
  • State of origin: Bayelsa State, Nigeria
  • Occupation of Trikytee: Creative artist
  • Trikytee sex: Male
  • Hobby: Trikytee loves to film.

Brief Biography of

is a 35-year-old creative artist and resident of Lagos from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Tricky Tee as he is also called sees himself as a storyteller who uses film and music media to express himself.

Photos of the

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Trikytee BBNaija 2020 Biography (Trikytee BBNaija Lockdown Pictures)

Trikytee Facts Interviewed in BBNaija Lockdown

What new habit or skill did you learn during the lockdown? I now do push-ups every day thanks to the lockdown.

What are your words for living? No one is promised tomorrow, make the best use of the present and live life to the fullest

What is your greatest achievement? The biggest achievement was winning Best Director at the NYSC Culture and Sports Festival in Abuja in 2013 for Best Dramatic Theater.

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