Top 10 Ways To Use Salts At Home: Not Just For Cooking

Top 10 Ways To Use Salts At Home: Not Just For Cooking




Salt has been used centuries primarily seasoning, but there are more uses this amazing substance than you might think.

Top 10 Ways To Use Salts At Home: Not Just For Cooking

1. Look the wrong eggs, so sure how fresh an egg is, don’t risk it. Add 2 teaspoons of salt a cup of water and put it in the egg. If the egg floats, it is fresh; otherwise, it will sink the bottom.

2. Disinfect the sponges
Sponges can harbor different varieties of bacteria. restore them and kill these germs, rinse and then soak the sponges in cold, heavily salted water an hour or two.

3. Extend the life of the broom
Broom fibers will last much longer if you soak them in hot water before using them.

4. Keep the milk fresh
Milk going awry can be very devastating, especially if you find it late. Keep your milk fresher longer by adding a pinch of salt the carton and shaking it.

5. Remove the blood, wine and sweat stains
For the spilled wine, sponge up then pour absorb the rest. For blood, cold salt water should do the trick, followed by washing in hot, soapy water. For sweat stains, dissolve the salt in a cup of hot water and pat it dry.

6. Eliminate bad smells from shoes.
After a long day your shoe may start to stink, sprinkle a little inside and then wipe it dry.

7. Good skin
Massage your skin with a mixture of olive oil and salt, then wash it off.

It increases circulation and removes dead skin cells.

8. make coffee better
The coffee may taste bitter, but this can be improved by adding a pinch of salt (this will also improve the flavor.

9. Soothe a bee sting
Have you been stung by a bee? The salt has you covered, wet the bite and shake a paste of salt and water. Let it dry and the inflammation and pain will decrease.

Prevent sliced ​​fruit from turning brown, Dip pears, apples, etc. sliced ​​in salted water to preserve their natural appearance. Especially for apple slices, water will stimulate them as well.

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