The story of two clients

I recently started working with two clients who were day and night. I was developing an online marketing campaign for everyone. One was a dream, going for my most expensive service package and all the options, giving constructive feedback when needed and clear approval when it isn’t. The other was terrible, trying to nickle me and weld me at every turn and use the feedback as a weapon to get more work from me than they were paying for. I was really happy with the first campaign, and the second was a terrible mishmash of good and bad ideas.

Both campaigns started to get results at the same time. The customer from hell:

Customer: I do NOT see the results I expected from this campaign. I don’t think I can pay your entire bill in good conscience.

The other client saw such good results that he paid me a bonus which more than covered my shortfall compared to the other.

Oh, and by the way: it wasn’t a case of a rich client, a poor client – the cheappskate actually owned the biggest business, but I don’t expect that to be for long.

Work with good people, people.

What are some of your hard-learned lessons? We want to know!

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