Tap into the wild 80s world with the Memphis Design Pack for just $ 15! 92% reduction!

Offer this week is over 1,800 elements in the Memphis design style – the loud, fun, and vibrant look that made the ’80s and’ 90s such a great time.

> Take a look. If these patterns weren’t a part of your childhood, you missed them.

Created in 1981, the Memphis style defined the sensibilities of the next decade and a half. Intended to rally with ‘good taste’ and create something fun and unique, the Memphis style prioritized bright colors and large angular shapes, Memphis is utterly iconic and has continued to inspire children’s television classics like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and Modern Rocko Life. This set combines 12 sets that total over 1,800 items that lets you master creating Memphis designs.

Normally these 12 packs would sell for $ 206, but for next week you can get all 1800+ for just $ 15. It’s a pittance to add this exciting look to your arsenal.

> Discover the offer here.

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