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I’m the videographer for the marketing staff of a multi-million dollar organization. A few weeks ago, I showed up at a project meeting with the head of another department to let him say that he had recruited a student intern to produce this particular video for him. He clarified that she (the intern) was supposed to run the show, but it would be a good idea for me to supervise her, especially since she might need to use some of our equipment. I was insulted, but shrugged because it was one less project, and the department was notoriously difficult to work with.

I spent the day of filming setting up the company’s equipment for the intern to film the cringe-worthy scenario that she and the head of the department had agreed on. It was only after packing our bags that I was informed that since the intern did not have a computer, she would need to schedule time between her classes to come to my office and use my computer to set up the video. Despite the utter absurdity of this request, I have spent the last three mornings awkwardly sitting in the guest chair in my own office watching a student (who clearly has no editing experience) struggling to do my job. work for me.

I now have less confidence in the competence of my business than it apparently is in mine.

A blast from the past of the Clients From Hell archives!

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