Stop the (digital) presses!

While working for an agency, I was put on a last minute emergency project for a major sportswear brand + Big Sports League with a team of three other designers. They had completely forgotten that they needed digital assets for a campaign until the week before launch. Our agency owner accepted the contract, leaving us less than a week to do about 1,200 cases. Each set of assets had to be built for each team in the Sports League. My team informed everyone involved that the only way to proceed was if our entire team abandoned all other work (including other projects for the same client) and worked very long days as well as weekends. My team has also informed everyone involved that, once the layouts have been approved, there can be no change, not even a single comma in the copy.

Customer: Oh yes, we totally understand.

And then they approved the layouts.

Fast forward to Friday. We were just about to finish, and we were celebrating that we had really done it and didn’t even need to work on weekends. At 4:00 p.m. we received an email asking us to stop on all layouts (Sports League). The (League) wanted to exchange its logo that it had given us a few days before. We had to add the logo of the players’ association. Big Sports Apparel Brand did the photoshoot, so they owned the rights to the photos. However, they did not own the rights to use the faces or names of the players on their shirts, or the names in the layouts. So we had to change every layout and every crop. On top of that, they added more deliverables because legally there were a few teams that needed announcements in English and French. The launch date was still the following Monday.

Our project manager said, “Don’t worry, we’re charging them extra.” She didn’t understand why she just had blank stares in response, until we reminded her that we were all paid. The company gave us each a $ 100 gift card a few weeks later… “yeah”.

The company bought us meals that week which was good. BUT, I suspect it was because they didn’t want us to leave our offices, if we could even have it and they also didn’t want us to die on company property.

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