Simi shares her daughter’s reaction every time she plays her song ‘Duduke’

Simi shares her daughter's reaction every time she plays her song 'Duduke'

The sensational singer has revealed on Instagram the impact that her song “” has on her daughter, Adejare and how she usually reacts to the song every time it plays.

According to one’s mother, although her daughter can’t say how much she likes the song, her reactions every time the song plays are priceless.

The 33-year-old also mentioned that the song is the most important song of her career.

and she is grateful to God and her daughter for inspiring the beautiful song.

Read everything she wrote below;

“I had the biggest song of my career, so far, in the craziest year of all of our lives.

“God” is the only explanation I will accept!

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I heard this song just now, while breastfeeding my son, and she had fallen asleep for about 20 seconds.

but suddenly he cheers up, raises his head, looks me in the eyes and smiles at me.

She stays like this for a while and confuses me so I go

“What happened baby?”

My mom says “it’s the song.”

My heart skips a beat.

I mean, he loves it when we sing to him or play his music, but his reaction was very specific tonight.

She knows her song.

I’ve always felt this way because it’s what my mom plays to calm her down,

And she must have heard it a thousand times while she was pregnant.

but his reaction was different today.

I shared that to say that this song was not only good for my career or my fans or other moms –

Most importantly, it makes my baby happy.

I wrote it to her and she knows it. I don’t know if I can really explain how dizzy that makes me.

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has exceeded my 10,000,000x expectations and I’ve never really felt this way about any of my songs before.

So I just want to say “THANK YOU” to all the people who deserve to thank,

but above all to God and Adejare for inspiring me.

And also say that we got 20 million views on YouTube. #God is the best”


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