Seal Fog starts campaign to help families in the health crisis

Since the start of the pandemic, the members of Sello Niebla took advantage of the context to get creative and be able to bring lucidity and content to followers.

This is how each week they have a “grill programmatic “consisting of lives, interviews and solidarity campaigns.

Every Tuesday they transmit through the section” Tuesday with m of mm … recipes “, where they teach the preparation of meals at the request of the public, to pass way This quarantine is different. The star artist of the label, Cristóbal Gacitúa, participates here.

On Thursdays, our promising film reviews break up the series and films of the moment. Together with the spectators they comment on the scenes, the script and the photography of Chilean and foreign films in “Jueves de hype.”

They are currently promoting a campaign called “Niebla Ayuda” which consists of collecting non-perishable food, clothing and essential items. The idea is based on forming a bridge between the houses that contribute and collection centers. You review the details of the campaign directly the of Sello Niebla.

Learn more about this campaign in the of Sello Niebla

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