Relationship – Customers from Hell

I work as an editor in a production company that serves charities. A client had demanded that a film be delivered in 4 days, from a standing start. It was tough, but with a lot of late nights and work on the weekends, I made it – and the result was worth it. The video was warm, full of heart and human stories, and it truly showed the great relationship this client had with their overseas service users.

But good things don’t last …

Customer: We love the movie! It really shows our relationship-based strategic approach… hey, that should be the title! A relationship-based approach.

Client 2: No, that won’t work.

Me: (inwardly) Thank you my God.

Client 2: We should call it A relational rather than a transactional approach!

Me: * moans *

I tried to talk them out of it, but they were adamant. With those 6 words, they sucked in all the joy and warmth from the video.

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