Privacy Breach – Customers From Hell

Two weeks after launching a local small business site:

Customer: You just fucked up my site! Your safety is a joke! My personal phone number, personal email address, and physical address were just read to me by a local scammer who told me he got it from my site. What did you do? Why didn’t you tell me that I had been hacked?

Freaking out just a bit, I immediately quit my current job and set out for a few hours of checking server logs, looking for security holes, checking database permissions, etc. Convinced that his data was safe, I recalled and explained that I had checked everything and I am confident that his data is secure. I asked for more information on this scammer and their call.

I quickly deduced that the scammer had just Googled the name of the business, so I did the same, and the THIRD result was a local hobby group forum post where the client had given their website, their email address and phone number, home address, company name and more. identifying information trying to sell old sewing equipment.

Customer: So, are you just going to explain to me and blame me for YOUR lack of internet security awareness?


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