Pravin Gordhan accused of ‘guiding Eskom to appoint his niece’


The beef between the EFF and Pravin Gordhan enters a new chapter on Monday afternoon, after the Public Enterprises Minister was accused of ‘influencing ’ to appoint his niece to the Board of Trustees for the energy firm’s pension fund. Hasha Tlhotlhalemaje also serves as the company’s general manager.

She has been a member of the company’s executive for years, but this latest has irked onlookers.

Who is Pravin Gordhan’s niece?

The Red Berets issued a statement on the matter earlier in the day, after learning that there is a family relationship between Gordhan and Tlhotlhlamaje. Her recent move to the position of trustee has ruffled all the wrong feathers for the left-wing party, and ’s added more fuel to their anti-Gordhan fire.

The EFF recently called for the minister to retire, after disagreed with his report on corruption allegations leveled against COO Jan Oberholzer. The dust has barely settled there, and once again, this connection has drawn fierce criticism from the party and their spokespersons.

EFF slam minister’s “guidance” of appointments

In their communication, party leaders have made clear that will also hold Cyril Ramaphosa accountable if he fails to condemn this alleged act of ‘nepotism’. The EFF that Gordhan’s portfolio should be removed by the president, who have implored to ‘reject corruption’:

boggles the mind how Pravin Gordhan saw fit to ratify the appointment of his own niece to the Board of Trustees, an act which would be frowned upon if was done by anyone else. The minister has an air of invincibility about him, and acts like he is not bound to the same ethical considerations as everyone else.”

“The EFF now writes to Ramaphosa, to ask him to act swiftly remove Gordhan from his ministerial position. should also be the job of the Trade Minister [Ebrahim Patel] to oversee strategic -owned companies.If Ramaphosa fails to act, we’ll assume he is defending corruption, and treat him how we treated Jacob Zuma.”

EFF statement



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