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Mizu Towel – The World’s Best Bacteria Fighting Smart Towel – SAVE OVER 60% – LIMITED TIME!

I’m sure you already know … towels can be smelly and full of bacteria that can make you sick or be bad for your skin. Did you know that your towels can quickly accumulate more bacteria than your toilet seat because of the humidity? That’s why you need the Mizu towel. These are the best anti-bacteria towels ever. They are actually SELF-CLEANING as they are made from bamboo and natural silver fibers. Both have strong antimicrobial properties that kill 99% of the growth of bacteria and viruses. In addition, they are ultra-soft, designed to dry quickly (3 times faster than regular towels) and are super absorbent. Not convinced, here are some other features:
– Color changing bands that change color when the towel is dirty (for example, with sweat)
– Anti-odor and antimicrobial (they will never smell bad)
– Hyper soft and comfortable
– Hyper absorbent and quick drying
– Made with high-end Japanese craftsmanship
These are the ULTIMATE TOWELS you need to improve your home and your life. You’re in luck, they get a 60% store-wide discount at www.mizutowel.com! PS check out the bundles for maximum savings!

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