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PRIMA: Ultra Powerful Pocket Projector – SAVE $ 400 AND GET FREE ACCESSORIES – SPRING SALE

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to project a 100-inch screen wherever you go? Imagine watching your favorite movies or shows on your bedroom ceiling, bathroom wall, office, living room or backyard? If you spend more time at home and want to improve your home entertainment, this projector is a MUST HAVE. Plus, if you watch TV a lot more while on vacation, we’ve got some good news. Projectors have been proven to cause much less eye strain and PRIMA is an ultra-portable HD projector specially designed to protect your eyes. Watch your shows, movies and more on any surface with PRIMA. Your eyes will thank you for it. PRIMA is the perfect gift for yourself or for others. This also has:
– Support up to 4k resolution
– 3D video support
– Compatible with millions of Android apps
– So portable that it can fit in your pocket
– Netflix, YouTube and all your favorite apps built into the projector
– Automatic keystone distortion correction
SPRING SALE NOW LIVE – SAVE: $ 400 and get a FREE Tripod + Carrying Case! Offer ends soon – get yours today at www.primaprojector.com!

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