Only Jesus Can Help You – Trikytee tells Erica

Only Jesus Can Help You - Trikytee tells Erica

Only can help you – said to .

Big Brother Naija 2020’s roommate told on Sunday that only can save her at this point in her life.

speaking with in the living room told her that she was disappointed with her behavior and let everyone down.

Referring to her outburst last night against , explained that she enjoys seeking company with people due to her upbringing and feels disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

She asked how she could stop letting the alcohol worsen her and be disappointed with human beings.

, responding, told him that no one could help him with his problems except .

He also advised her to stop seeking companionship with roommates, and instead depend on Christ for the love she seeks.

Trikytee to :

“Only can help you. I’m sure you need company, but other than God you can’t get it completely.

“Human beings will always disappoint you, so it’s only God you have to rely on. People would let you down, so this is the only way to live life with ease.

Trikytee jesus

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