One month to start, three days to start over.

I work in a land management and planning firm in the business planning field, but as I am the only one there who can also do graphic design (because I am also a freelance graphic designer in my spare time) , I was responsible for making the annual report. I was their de facto Photoshop writer. I started writing for the 2014 annual report and doing the layout in December 2013. Then I submitted it all in January 2014 to my then boss because I knew it had to be printed and published. at the shareholders’ meeting in April 2014. I waited two months, but did not receive a response, so I returned it on March 18, 2014. Still no response.

I waited for months, still no response. I had assumed that they had moved on with their lives and no longer needed it.

Come in September, my boss calls me in her office. She kept the annual report for another company. She asked the other bureaus to get it for her so she could just make a few “contributions” to my design.

Then she asked me to redraw everything, and sort of ‘copy’ the look of the other company’s annual report and finish it in 3 days. As you can imagine, I wanted to kill her. It took me a month to do the previous incarnation and then it took her nine months to comment and then she asks me to do it all again.

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