Not very fun – Customers from hell

Customer: Can you make it so that when people land on our website it’s, like, all black with stars coming out of the screen, all whoosh whoosh (the action) like in this screensaver?


Customer: With music from Star Wars.


Customer: And it does that for, like, a minute and then stops and they have to click on one of the stars.

Me: A star?

Customer: No. A specific star that they will have to find – make it different each time.


Customer: Then when they find the lucky star there is like a massive explosion whose site spins (does the action), like in the old Batman series.

Me: For your business site?

Customer: Yes.

Me: The company that cleans the needles used by drug addicts in parks and playgrounds?

Customer: Yes.

Me: No.

Customer: … Well, you are not much fun.

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