“Not necessarily the quarantine will work miracles”

Epidemiologist at the University of Talca, Erika Retamal . She was emphatic in stating that quarantines are not entirely effective, due to the difficulty people have in being able to comply with them.

TALCA . In Chile, more measures are required to add to the quarantines already applied in different parts of the country to reduce Covid-19 cases. This is what two health professionals from the University of Talca propose more than 100 days after the start of the pandemic in the national territory.
Erika Retamal, director of Public Health at the University of Talca; and the epidemiologist and academic Loreto Núñez, maintain that is necessary to point to the isolation of existing cases and to the correct traceability of infections.
Núñez is emphatic in affirming that quarantines are not entirely effective, due to the difficulty that people have to fulfill them. “What is required is to add other measures that have been proven to be effective in the epidemic -for example, in China- such as the isolation of cases, in order to quickly contact them and track them down.”
“The quarantine will not necessarily miracles. What is required is to identify the cases, isolate them in the medical residences and quarantine the contacts. The traceability of all contagions is needed, “ the researcher and academic from the Maulina university.
For her part, Retamal that is necessary to improve what she called” the little consideration that has been given to intra-household contagion . We cannot forget that by sending people to quarantine and they do not have the right conditions, there will be an increase in contagion inside the homes. ”
How we avoid this? “In the first instance we must not forget that health is socially conditioned, therefore, by not weighing the social determinants of health in advance, lead to these problems in the population. The existing inequality in the country has been cruelly revealed at the moment, “ the academic.

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