Nengi opens his biggest fear in Big Brother’s house

Nengi opens his biggest fear in Big Brother's house

opened his in Brother’s .

BBNaija 2020’s roommate, revealed his on the reality show.

, speaking with Ozo, said on Tuesday that she worries viewers will see her as a boring person because she doesn’t like chatting at home.

According to her, she has never chatted with roommates and that can be a red flag for her game in the .

Ozo, who was having a conversation with her, nodded in agreement and encouraged her not to.

then revealed that being seen as a boring person was his in the .

to Ozo:

“I don’t know how to gossip and it was my to enter the .

“I’m afraid people will see me as a boring person because I don’t want to talk about people.”

Stay tuned for the latest news on BBNaija 2020 roommate.


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