Nengi clears the tune on ‘love triangle’ with Prince and Ozo in the house

Nengi clears the tune on 'love triangle' with Prince and Ozo in the house

Nengi clears the the “love triangle” with Prince, Ozo house.

BBN 2020 roommate, Nengi said there was no love triangle with Prince and Ozo after ’s expulsion.

Nengi said this after Ozo approached her Tuesday night saying he caught her watching Prince in a funny way a few days ago.

He also revealed that Prince frequently visited Nengi’s bedroom.

Ozo asked for clarification, saying he no wanted in a triangle house.

However, Nengi dismissed the speculation, adding that his argument is without merit.

According to her, there is no triangle with Prince and that Ozo is overreacting and exaggerating everything.

Nengi to Ozo:

“It’s your argument is baseless. I am not in any love triangle with Prince.

“You just see things and exaggerate. He’s not coming into the room because of me.

“I am in lane and I have nothing or a triangle. If I wanted close to him, I would be because I called the shot.

Stay tuned for the news Nengi and Ozo BBNaija roommates 2020.

“I love him as a person but I can’t be close to him.”


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