Ministry of Labor will not make public payments of Rand 35,000

Ministry of Labor will not make public payments of Rand 35,000

The Department of Employment and Labor reiterated its warning the public remain vigilant in the face of a scam continues make the rounds on social media, promising a payout of between 33,000 and 35,000 rand.

The crooks recreated a bogus Department of Employment and Labor website using the old coat of arms logo, in which they ask members of the public check if their names appear on the list of those entitled withdraw funds.


The fake news website claims 20;workers who worked between 1990 and 020 have the right get 35,000 rand from the Ministry of Labor.21;

20;The Department of Employment and Labor has not asked anyone come forward receive any of these benefits and will never do so the way it done through this website,” said. said in a statement on Aug. 13.

“All the benefits of the ministry are received by those who have worked for them or are entitled to receive them and are processed in its 125 offices located across the country,” added.

When in doubt, members of the public are advised to visit the provincial offices of the Ministry of Employment and Labor or the nearest labor center for information.

To report any suspected criminal act, members of the public are urged to notify the Police Service (SAPS); report the number of the department’s anti-fraud hotline: 08 600 22 194 or by e-mail – and / or visit the office nearest to the department.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has officially reached the magic number of Rand 40 billion in disbursements from the COVID-19 Employer / Employee Temporary Relief Program to ease the hardships of workers the nationwide .

The department, proud of having kept a 40 billion rand pledge, said it also pledged to extension of the scheme until August 15 due to the change of disaster period.

Employment and Labor Minister Thulas Nxesi added as part of the deal NEDLAC, the UIF will start on Monday August 17 processing applications for July and August while ensuring outstanding claims from April, May and June are also dealt with promptly.



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