Maybe we should have left the magic to the pros:

Chris Ramsay, Wes Barker, Eric Leclerc and Alex Boyer make up the Big Trick Energy team of master magicians and best friends who amaze viewers with their unconventional and mind-blowing tricks.

At theCHIVE we thought: how hard can this magic trick be? So we tried to try out some of our favorite tricks from the series to see if we have what it takes to join their team. And let’s just say… they’ll probably light our resumes and turn the ashes into a dove… or a sandwich… or whatever they want, because these guys are fucking wizards! We are just simple straw lovers in a magical world.

Don’t miss the pros doing it right when Big Trick Energy airs the all-new TONIGHT at 10: 30/9: 30c on truTV.

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