Lepaz Bose shares one of her most embarrassing moments when she was very fat

Nigerian comedian Bose Ogunboye, popularly known as Lepacious Bose, has shared one of her most embarrassing moments when she was obese.

According to the motivational , she could not wear a seat belt in a car or on an airplane.

This she said makes her feel ashamed she sheds tears all the time.

Sharing a photo from when he was on a plane, wrote Lepacious Bose;

“See mouth … No, it is not a movie, no one died.
This was the first time I would ride in years without a seat belt extension.

I just pulled the belt it clicked broke on the plane

I cried … oh how I cried … I cried for so many reasons.

For the shame I felt for years every time the plane crew gave me the extension the look that people gave me.

I cried because I remembered traveling with a group of comedians (cool guys) I didn’t want to make fun of myself then,

I flew 6 hours without wearing a seat belt ……

and I couldn’t bear to ask for an extension and acted like they were together.

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I cried because I remembered how many times I fastened my seatbelt in a car for him to lash
I wouldn’t stop the seatbelt never connected so I held it until I passed them.

I cried for a reasons that I can’t write about …

I cried because I remembered how many times I got to sit by the exit with leg room

and they politely told me I was too overweight to sit there … in an emergency

a big person is not supposed to move fast enough …… Hmmm….

I cried because I remembered several times sitting next to mean and nasty people on airplanes.

acted as if sitting next to me was starving them of oxygen …
Oh I cried

And when Google Photos came up with this image this morning, I cried again …

Not because I’m sad or miserable, because I’m GRATEFUL!

NEVER AGAIN I WILL BE THAT .. Good morning champions

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