Laycon begs Vee begs Vee to be nice to Erica

Laycon begs Vee begs Vee to be nice to Erica

Laycon begs Vee begs Vee nice to Erica.

Big Brother 2020 roommate, Laycon advised Vee on his attitude towards Erica in the house.

Recall Vee did not chat with Erica after her supposed private conversation with Tolanibaj about her feelings for Neo leaked on the Week 6 live eviction show.

Erica told Ebuka on Sunday that she advised Tolanibaj to go after Neo because she didn’t care about Vee.

Vee since then has not cooperated in the task especially since Erica is the head of the house.

Laycon, who is her closest friend in the house, approached Vee on night and begged her not unruly and kind to Erica to make the task go perfectly.

Laycon to Vee:

“Everything is trying to you up this week, but don’t be unruly and take part in the betting task.

“I know that the Sunday problem with Erica and her victory at the head of the house touches you.

“But you must not be unruly. Don’t act yourself because Erica is .

“I know you are a wonderful person, but no matter what others have done, just be you and don’t be unruly.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Laycon .


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