Just use these three screenshots …

Customer: I would like you to correct a video that someone else made.

Me: Sure thing. Do you have the working files?

Customer: Yeah, and I have a new script and want a whole new voiceover.

Me: OK, this looks like a brand new video …

Customer: No, it’s always the same, just a few added elements, just reuse the same illustration.

Me: I found a problem, at least a minute ago new dialogue added at the beginning. Do you also have any artwork to cover this space?

Customer: Yes, use these three screenshots.

Me: Aren’t you worried that the three screenshots are too small for the amount of new dialogue?

Customer: Give it a try, I’m sure it will work if you space it out well.


I finished the video and sent it to the client.

Customer: What it is, looks terrible, the second half is fine, but the start bit only has three screenshots stretched over a minute of audio.

Me: … ..

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