Jadue files suit against Piñera, Mañalich, Daza and Zúñiga after deaths by Covid-19 in Recoleta

The Mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, filed a criminal complaint against the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera; the former Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich; the undersecretary of Healthcare Networks, Arturo Zúñiga and the undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza.

The judicial action of the mayor of the Communist Party was filed in the 3rd Court of Guarantee of Santiago and invokes the crimes of denial of aid, abandonment of fate and quasi-crime of homicide.

Through his Twitter account, Jadue explained that “we have filed a complaint against the former minister, Jaime Mañalich for his responsibility, and also that of the Government, in the death of 62 people in Recoleta , produced by acting negligently and seriously in controlling the pandemic. ”


In the brief, the authorities “did not adopt drastic decisions in such sense, but only partial and whimsical measures without the expression of a clear and fair criterion for their application or understanding. ”

Added to this, it was indicated that said measures were“ actions marked by a clear social and political bias in the adoption of certain measures in some places, discarding others without any justification. ”

The municipality of Recoleta emphasized that the authorities committed“ a series of inexcusable actions, omissions and erroneous behavior. ”

Ramón Sepúlveda, lawyer who filed the complaint , He explained that “we have presented this action only for these people (62) and not for the 135 who are currently deceased in the commune, because they are the people of whom the municipality and the authorities Local authorities have the background and data. ”

With the judicial action, the municipality seeks, for example, to issue a comprehensive order to investigate the Investigative Police to carry out the necessary procedures and to summon the accused to testify.

In addition, it is requested that the Ministry of Health dispatch a series of requested requests, such as the list of deceased in Recoleta with a positive Covid-19 or pending PCR; the protocols applied to the deceased persons in the commune and their clinical files, among other documents.

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