It’s Your Website – Customers From Hell

From an internal messaging channel …

Client 1: How can I find links to these two pages?

Client 2: Ask the developer.

For the record, I do not post the content on their website. They fsent me the email.

Client 1: Hey, where are those two web pages?

Me: (confused)… On your website?

Client 2: Do you have any links to them?

Me: (still confused) The pages are on your website. I’m pretty sure they’ve been there for almost 3 years.

Client 1: But I need links.

Client 2: Please send us links.

TL; DR: They were too lazy to search for two pages on their own website… two pages that they also link to in over 50% of the emails they send on a recurring basis.

Some clients are so, deeply, incredibly lazy. What’s your story of a customer who couldn’t lift a finger?

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