It is not a rebranding, it is a “refresh”.

Customer: I would like to redo the logo of my catering consulting firm.

For what it’s worth, the customer was the child of a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City.

Me: Sure! Let me send you a questionnaire to assess your needs.

Customer: I have answered your questionnaire and I want to send you examples of the styles that I like. But before I start, could you tell me what I would like to spend. I have been closed for a year and have to be careful.

Me: Based on your answers, we look at a complete rebranding package with a 4-5 month lead time. Looking to spend around $ X, but I am open to negotiating with you.

Customer: No, this is not a rebranding. It’s just refreshing and changes the look for a bit of COVID rebirth. I’m emailing you my ideas now. Just try to spend a minimum of time on it so that I can pay for your services.

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