IMC: Nigeria will break if we disclose NDDC looters list

IMC: Nigeria will break if we disclose NDDC looters list


IMC: Nigeria will if we disclose the list of NDDC looters.

The interim management committee, IMC said that if it publishes the list of looters in the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, the country will up.

The IMC also accused members of the National Assembly of plotting to block the forensic audit by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Recall that the meeting of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, chaired by President Muhammadu Buhari last Wednesday, approved the forensic audit of around 12,000 NDDC contracts.

But Dr Ojougboh alleged that recent pressure the National Assembly to probe IMC activities was prompted by fear of forensic auditing.

He said that the mission of the IMC to the NDDC and the Niger Delta region to ensure that every naira that has been put in the region through the commission accounted for and swore that the committee would dare whenever the mission accomplished, regardless of which ox gored.

IMC: Nigeria will if we disclose NDDC looters list

The NDDC executive director of projects took a blow to the National Assembly to condemn the 51 million naira per month for the of the acting director general of the Commission and the 18 million naira for his , claiming that these amounts are not personal money but for the upkeep of the place, particularly in terms of security.

He alleged that a high-ranking member of the South-South National Assembly whom he accused of working against the IMC has a cumulative advance of around N100 million per month without the kind of security challenges that the NDDC leadership confronted .

According to him, “My feeds 100 police officers every day and in Port Harcourt as an NDDC cadre you need security more than anything, until tomorrow, you know that. When they send these police officers, the instruction given to them, takes care of them, that’s what in the letter sent by the police hierarchy.

“So people are talking about 51 million advances for the MD, it’s a safety vote, it’s not for his personal pocket, the money not going to the MD’s account. Myself, 18 million naira, it’s not going to my account, it’s ok for security and other expenses and it’s in retirement, there no fraud.

He said that when President Buhari appointed them, and they arrived the NDDC in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, the first thing they noticed was that the two presidents (Committee NDDC) of the National Assembly, were the de facto leadership, managers and executive of NDDC. ”

He said that as a former member of the National Assembly and a former liaison to the president he has been in the chambers and throughout his life he has been in government 1999 to date. “So I know what time of day he’s in politics and governance. So we told them it couldn’t be business as usual, then they said we had to go.

Asked about the cause of the National Assembly’s sudden interest in CIM activities, he replied, “God bless you. It the forensic audit that the president instituted because the National Assembly guilty. the end of the forensic audit, you will see members of the National Assembly …

“A senator came and said that in the 2016 list they brought, that he only had six contracts, I said no, that he had more. What he didn’t know was that we haven’t published the list for 2017 and the one for 2019. If we publish it, this country will .

Also asked why the country should up, he said, “Oh because of the looting of people, caliber, names and people looting NDDC. And who designs it? NDDC presidents in the Senate and House of Representatives in the National Assembly.

“So when I explained, I told Mr. President to look, my job here is very simple. Mr. President is watching, even though it is the only thing I do in my life to make sure things are going well for the people of the Niger Delta to benefit NDDC. You can call me any name you can do anything you can say anything I don’t care but I have to do the right thing and what it takes is ‘he won’t miss a penny.

He further alleged that the National Assembly planned to truncate the progress of the forensic audit by various means; first by using commission probes and later by refusing to sign the budget, claiming that the refusal to sign the budget is an instrument of blackmail against the IMC.

He said, “Notice, the National Assembly sabotaged, through the Speakers of the House and the Senate, they sabotaged … if you give them to report, they’ll say you didn’t report.” on performance. We brought whatever they asked us to bring, but they used the budget as an instrument of blackmail.

IMC: Nigeria will break if we disclose NDDC looters list

“So they have blackmailed the nation and the Niger Delta for the past 20 years, that’s why you see you can’t go to the Niger Delta today and see ten kilometers of dualized roads made by the NDDC, no. What do you see, 500 meters here, 200 meters there and all a billion each, ”he said.

He said, however, that despite the efforts of the National Assembly to muzzle the CIM and thwart the forensic audit, the audit process has progressed as the first stage of the work has already been completed and the second and final stage will soon be start.

He said, “It has . Why are we here if we are not? The National Assembly wanted to truncate it, it said it would not adopt our budget. You know that the forensic audit takes place in two stages; we have recruited the lead auditors and they are on the job, they have all the files of all the contracts NDDC start to date.

“The second step is to send the different auditors to each of the states, the people in the National Assembly know that is where they are to blame so they stopped our budget, but the president said that the medical audit legal must continue that it will finance it.

“The lead auditors have completed their initial work, they have written their report, now each of the states will have an auditor who will review all the contracts and projects therein. This is what we came here for today. These listeners will now return to the States tomorrow, once we are done here today and the Council approves it. ”

On allegations of embezzlement against the IMC by National Assembly committees, Ojougboh said the allegations were just another attempt blackmail, explaining that the IMC did not award a single contract, but had settled what he described as obligatory debts the NDDC. to its entrepreneurs.

“That’s the problem. The reason they brag about these multibillions is just to give us a bad name, the multibillions that are payments for obligatory debts. Payment is not for me, every year the NDDC spend up to four to five hundred billion, that’s the debt we have paid off on the ground.

“People did their job, are we going to say they shouldn’t be paid? We didn’t award a single contract, people sue us every day. So we look the projects, we clean them and we pay. They said that we spent, but that we did not spend, we rather paid historical debts, ”he explained.

He added: “They are talking about COVID-19 payment, the federal government gets each citizen N30,000 each, do you know how much the federal government has spent? The CBN and many other companies give out COVID-19 allowances, which are under their jurisdiction, just as the NDDC has done.

“In the National Assembly, each of the senators got 20 million naira, while the members of the House of Representatives received 15 million naira for COVID-19 from the National Assembly. They all received COVID19 allowances. ”

When asked if the money spent by the COVID-19 palliatives commission was on budget, he said the money was spent on an emergency.

He said, “It wasn’t budgeted because it was an emergency, it’s allowed. This is a matter of urgency. The 30,000 naira per person that the federal government gives to the citizen, was that budgeted? Has anyone budgeted for COVID-19? No one has budgeted for COVID-19. SGF is the chair of the COVID-19 working group in Nigeria, was this working group budgeted? It is an emergency and it is allowed.

“What we are saying is that Nigerians must like Mr. President. Like when we got to the head building, no one thought this building could be completed. Today we finished it, we are inside, but they will come and tell you that we are inside an unfinished building which is a very huge lie.

“We are inside the building where I go to work every day. This is all propaganda from Omo-Agege (vice-president of the Senate) and his cohorts just because they want to kick us out because of politics and if we didn’t go the headquarters building wouldn’t be not finished.

IMC: Nigeria will break if we disclose NDDC looters list


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