I do not wanna talk about it.

One of my favorite clients is an advertising agency I freelance for.

Customer: Our new client has a horrible logo. Could you try to come up with other ideas? Just spitball ideas for an hour. If the customer likes any of them, we will spend more time on it.

Sometimes an hour is all you need because inspiration hits you. It wasn’t one of those times. I had decent ideas, but they all needed to be polished.

Customer: Sorry, that won’t work. Thank you for your time.

The agency paid me for my time and we didn’t move my sketches forward – at least that’s what I thought.

A month later:

Customer: We need additional material for this client.

Me: Sure thing. Can you provide me with customer’s colors and logo?

Customer: Don’t you already have all this? Didn’t you design their logo?

Me: What?

I visited their website. The client had left with one of the sketches. One of the rough sketches. With outlines and no color other than gray. I started to panic. I informed my contact at the agency and we wondered how it had gone.

Me: Oh my God. Oh my God. Didn’t they … they didn’t use it on their billboard, did they?

Customer: I do not wanna talk about it.

A blast from the past of the Clients From Hell archives!

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