I can see the future

One morning I was stuck in horrible traffic on my way to work due to a serious accident and the road was closed to allow a medical helicopter to land. I called my client to let them know I would be late.

Me: Hi, I’m almost in the office but I’m going to be a little late because there has been a serious accident and the road is temporarily closed.

Customer: Can’t you get around the accident?

Me: No, the cars are blocked on both sides of me.

Customer: Can you ask them to move the helicopter for you, just so you can pass?

Me: Uh no.

Customer: And you can’t leave your car and walk?

Me: Definitely not. I can’t leave the car in the middle of the road.

Customer: Okay, but the next time that happens, please leave the house early so you won’t be late.

Alright, I will be sure to check my crystal ball every morning as soon as I wake up …

The message I can see the future first appeared on Clients From Hell.

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