I am currently the customer from hell.

My company is launching a new website and my job for the past year has been to feed the content, test the site, and report bugs to the designers and developers of the site. Our manager spent the last year demanding changes after changes to the site, at least half of which were major back-end changes.

We are now a week away for the launch and our manager is facing an issue where one of the features (a static gallery of featured photographs in each post) is not showing to him when he accesses the site. He refuses to pay the rest of our bill until the “bug is corrected”. According to him, he is not the only person facing this problem, so we do not pay them until it is fixed.

Here’s the thing: My colleague and I tested the site on over a hundred devices from different brands. Several web browsers. Different internet providers. In different countries. Again and again. No problem. He is literally the only person facing the problem. The featured photo gallery appears on every other device we’ve tested, and the site itself is fully functional, vibrant, and mobile-friendly, completely ready for launch. We tried to explain this to him several times to no avail.

The designers and developers of the site have sent out always polite weekly emails asking us to pay the rest of our bill. I’m not allowed to reply (being at the bottom of the corporate ladder as I am) so they just stay in my inbox which makes me feel bad while I try valiantly. to convince my manager to pay them already.

My contract ends in two weeks; I’ve never been so ready to fall out and not look back.

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