Governor Obaseki attacked Monday by group of armed thieves

Governor Obaseki attacked Monday by group of armed thieves
was on a .

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki was on a in the village Erua in the Uhunmwode local government area in Edo State.

Headlines were revealed to have pursued the attackers who attempted to block his convoy near the international headquarters Jehovah’s Witnesses, near the city Ehor.

This newspaper reports that this is the second time that the governor has been .

According to the report, the governor’s convoy was moving slowly without a siren when the incident occurred. He said the thugs set up roadblocks a few yards from a police checkpoint would have mistaken the convoy for a prominent figure.

The report adds that the bandits cut down a tree to block the road, apparently to rob motorists and pedestrians on the road, causing lawless violence.

He said that upon seeing the governor’s convoy, the thugs fired a shot, but security officers attached to the governor and his deputy, the Hon. Philip Shuaibu pursues the who fled into the nearby bush.

According to what security services who witnessed the incident revealed, but refused to mention his name, said: “They (the robbers) thought it was just a VIP coming.

“The governor’s convoy was not sounding a siren and was moving slowly when the attempt was made.

“Immediately the convoy approached where they besieged, they cut down a tree.

“While we were thinking what to do, they fired a shot. We must jump in and push back these disbelievers, ”he said.

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