Give until it hurts. – Customers from hell

He’s not a customer to hell, not at all, but I thought you all might enjoy a story on one of the good ones.

I am a graphic designer. A few years ago a parliamentary lobby of New Zealand women called me. They wanted to use an old but still relevant cartoon about sexism at work that I drew for a local magazine in the 1970s. It would be part of a PowerPoint projection behind the keynote speaker at their annual conference.

Customer: How much do you want for the unique rights to use it?

I was taken aback at first. No one had ever asked me if they could use any of my old cartoons before. I didn’t want to sell for a low price, but I didn’t want to sell for a low price either, so I told them I should think about it and asked them to call me back the next day.

Then it came to me. When they called back:

Me: Pay me what you want, but you have to pay the exact same amount to Rape Crisis, and send me proof that you did.

There was an amused laugh on the other end of the line.

Customer: Made.

The simplest $ 350 I have ever won.

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