Four people killed after driver lost control of vehicle

Four people killed after driver lost control of vehicle

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a fatal car crash in Delft on Saturday morning August 15. Police say the crash took place around 5.30am on Saturday on the R300 after the driver lost control of the vehicle.


According to a ENCA reporter, who was at the scene, the car crashed into a resident’s home. One of the four bodies landed on the roof of the house due to the impact.

The reporter also mentioned that someone said the four were on their way home from a party. However, further investigations will have to confirm this. According to some reports, the vehicle caught fire and firefighters were called to the scene.

South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Col. Andrè Traut said the circumstances surrounding the fatal vehicle crash were under investigation. A culpable homicide case was also opened.

“Three men and a woman were killed when the driver of the vehicle they were traveling in lost control and collided with a wall of residential property. A register of culpable homicide cases has been recorded, ”he said.


A car accident on the Flight over Umgeni Road in Durbanon Tuesday, May 12, killed seven people and left another injured and in critical condition.

It is alleged that the driver lost control of the vehicle around 6 a.m. A bullet, however, was also found inside the car, leading to suspicion of misdemeanor.

In an interview with eNCA, Captain Raj Rooplal of the South African Police Service (Saps) said the car crashed into a barrier, bounced back and then crashed into the barrier on the other side of the road. Rooplal said it appeared the driver had lost control.

Then he dropped some unexpected news; he said the car, traveling on the Umgeni flyover, could have been pulled over.

“The other challenge that we are currently facing is that we have established that the vehicle may have been shot down and that we are now conducting a different investigation into this accident,” he said.

“We established a bullet penetrating the right rear of the vehicle, we found shrapnel in the vehicle, we are just waiting for it to be sent to forensic scientists so that they can continue the investigation,” added Rooplal.


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