Federal government begins restructuring the Department of Energy

Federal government begins restructuring the Department of Energy

The federal government on Thursday began steps to restructure the Federal Ministry of Energy.

He said the initiative would ensure better service delivery and the implementation of the government’s vision the power sector.

To achieve , the Minister of Energy, Sale Mamman, on Thursday inaugurated the Committee Restructuring the Federal Ministry of Power and Control of its Agencies the Ministry’s headquarters in Abuja.

Mamman said the power sector was undergoing long-term structural market reforms and had gone through the first phase of privatization, hoping to unlock investments and improve delivery. Services.

“However, it is clear that the exercise did not bring the expected benefits because the sector is still grappling with a number of critical challenges,” said the Minister.

He described these challenges to include market inefficiency, structural misalignment, central coordination issues, abandoned or stagnant projects and a host of others.

Mamman said these issues prompted the initiative to restructure the Department of Energy, which he said was the implementing arm the federal government’s overall strategy electricity sector.

He said members of the committee, who would advocate the restructuring, include representatives of the relevant departments, the Office of the Federation Chief of Civil Service, the Federal Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and special assistants to ministers of the power.

Mamman said the committee would review the existing functions of departments within the ministry and streamline them to align with department mandates.

He said they would design a model uniform oversight of agencies, make recommendations that would improve the efficient administration of the ministry and its agencies, among other functions.


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