Erica blamed her parents and her sanity for the Saturday night breakout

Erica threatens to take Laycon into Biggie's house

Erica blamed her parents and her sanity for the night breakup.

BBNaija 2020’s roommate Erica blamed her parents and her sanity for the breakup of night.

Remember Erica rained down insults on Laycon for claiming she tried to kiss him individually.

She had also threatened to kill Laycon outside the BBNaija house.

Following an altercation that involved Prince and Laycon, she went ahead to wet the bed so Prince wouldn’t sleep on it.

Erica, who has already been on two strikes, blamed her parents for bringing her this world.

According to her, she didn’t ask to be here and always felt lonely.

According to Erica:

“When I rang the bell, asking for a therapist, no one answered me.

“I didn’t ask to be here, my mom and dad made a mistake and I’m here.

“I’m not drunk I’m going to do it with or without them anyway, I just want Laycon out house tomorrow.”

Erica had told her roommates in week 1 that she had been raised by her mother and had only seen her father once since birth.

Erica could be disqualified from the reality show after an attack on Laycon immediately following the night party

Stay tuned for the latest news on Erica BBNaija lockdown housemate.


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