Ebuka Looks Much Better Without Clothes – Wife Pours

Ebuka Looks Much Better Without Clothes - Wife Pours

Cynthia, the wife of media personality Ebuka Obi Uchendu has caused quite a stir on social media after stating that Ebuka looks so much better when she’s n * ude.

He made the reveal moments ago while replying a social media user.

comment on how amazing Ebuka Uchendu always looks in any outfit.

“Ebuka actually the best dressed Nigerian celebrity, the clothes fit perfectly

on it looks lovely on anything! “the social media user said

Cynthia responded by saying

“He also looks amazing when he’s not wearing anything”

Since then, the response has generated mixed reactions from other social media users.

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One Maggi wrote:

“Why are you trying put a dirty image in my head? Lord, mercy”

One Chidinma wrote

“Cynthia ah Cynthia. Don’t let them come for your husband or “

One Mercy wrote

“When a woman loves her man”

A princess wrote

“You’re announcing it now or, don’t vent later when the girls want confirm your theory or.”

One from Emeka wrote:

“She’s looking for trouble so ooo.

If Nigerian girls decide watch it if it’s true, she be the first to shout “my husband cheating on me”

Ebuka Looks Much Better Without Clothes - Wife Pours

Ebuka Cynthia were married 4 years ago are blessed with two beautiful daughters!


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