DA smoke after State of Disaster expansion ‘was emitted by Dlamini-Zuma’

DA smoke after State of Disaster expansion 'was emitted by Dlamini-Zuma'

High-level figures in the DA have warned, among other things, of an 20;orgy of looting21; next month, after the disaster regulations were extended for another month. The legislation will now be in until at least September 15, but opposition leader John Steenhuisen is not happy with Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma17;s alleged influence.

John Steenhuisen criticizes Dlamini-Zuma for 16;approving state of disaster17;

The COGTA minister 11; has been accused of usurping Cyril Ramaphosa to 20;put the spotlight21; on the government 11; is the politician approved the extension over the . Rather than the document being signed by the president, it is Dlamini-Zuma17;s signature appears at the bottom of the page.

Steenhuisen hinted this was a worrying development for South Africa, suggesting NDZ would lead the lockdown response rather than Ramaphosa. This sardonic Tweet was posted earlier on Saturday:

DA on “looting orgies”

He is not the only senior DA official upset by these developments. Dean Macpherson, shadow trade minister, says Cyril Ramaphosa’s government prolonged the state of disaster “to help grease the wheels of corruption.” The politician hinted it was an opportunity to “loot more money for another 30 days”.

Leon Schreiber, also a shadow cabinet member, predicted an “orgy of looting” was planned for the ANC.

“We have all seen how the state of disaster facilitated the latest ANC looting orgy. It’s time to wonder if this additional 30- extension is explicitly designed by Ramaphosa to the ANC’s binge eating?

Leon Schreiber

It seems increasingly likely a wave of lockdown changes will be implemented on Saturday night, with South Africa able to move to Level 2 for the first time. You can listen to Ramaphosa’s speech here, and it start at 8:00 p.m.. “Dear South African colleagues,” there could be good news ahead.


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