Cyril Ramaphosa shares 10 steps to ‘end ANC corruption’ –

Cyril Ramaphosa shares 10 steps to 'end ANC corruption' -

has delivered his plan to eradicate ANC corruption – but will the South African people join it? The president has joined a “ choreographed campaign ” to prevent him from attacking certain factions his own party, after revealing the 10 major resolutions done at weekend’s NEC meeting.

explains how the ANC will fight corruption

Speaking Monday afternoon, Ramaphosa explained that ANC members would be much more responsible in the coming months. After a ‘COVID looting spree’, emergency funds were raised by some politicians during the pandemic, the president came under enormous to take concomitant action – here’s what the head state has promised .

  • The NEC endorsed Ramaphosa’s anti-corruption letter as a clear articulation party policy.
  • It has been decided that “a choreographed campaign the president” will not stop Ramaphosa “from corruption.
  • The movement’s cadres officially accused corruption must now step down from all ANC leadership positions.
  • These officials involved can only resume work while waiting for their file to be finalized.
  • Anyone found guilty serious crimes, such as corruption, must resign from office and face disciplinary action.
  • Executives suspected of being involved in corruption must explain themselves to the ANC’s integrity commission. Some people will be asked to stand aside if they cannot properly explain their behavior.
  • The ANC and the NEC will work together to restore the “core values” of the party.
  • The ANC will create mechanisms for members to disclose their financial interests, striking a fair balance between privacy and transparency.
  • Guidelines will be developed for ANC members and their families when it comes to dealing with private companies. must prevent politicians from taking undue advantage.
  • The ANC will now work to discuss these measures in , opening the issue for debate in the National Assembly.

ANC NEC Meeting Resolutions

Ramaphosa also revealed that there will be more to come from the NEC week, as they discuss plans for the 2021 local elections. The to hold municipal votes rests on a knife edge, due to the threat continues of COVID-19.

CEN also discussed issues relating to local government and listened to proposals on electoral reform. We have also prepared for the 2021 local elections, but these discussions are ongoing. We also talked about our organizational campaigns, taking note of the party’s efforts to implement non-racist policies. ”


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