COVID-19: Raquel Daniel unloads mindfulness booklet for young people

To cope with the powerless spread of COVID-19 data to children in internally displaced people, internally displaced persons, camps and hard-to-reach areas where children do not have access to television or life on the Internet, Raquel Daniel, Founder, Beyond the Classroom Foundation has published a booklet titled “There’s a New Virus Around.”

The booklet, intended to help children ages six to ten understand the COVID-19 pandemic, Daniel said Avant-garde, “ broadcast in IDP camps and remote locations.”

She said: “As an improvement specialist, my group and I at Beyond the Classroom Foundation visited one of the IDP camps in Abuja to disseminate information on food reduction in April 2020..

“There I met a lot of young people who were worried about the pandemic, but who had no idea what was going on, when schools were to open and how they could contribute to the fight infection.

“Half a month later, I composed the booklet to show the children the coronavirus and urge them to protect themselves and others.

“There is a new virus around clarifying, in simple terms, what the coronavirus is, how it is spread, why schools closed and what they (young people) can do in their own capacities to help its spread.

“The book, which can purchased from our site, is loaded with designs, bright and fun images, and additionally responds to inquiries in a basic language. It also clarifies how germs spread and what young people can do to stay safe.

“I am confident the messages in the booklet help allay the feelings of fear among young people giving them the data they have to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.”

Daniel found out the returns of the book offers would go to Beyond the Classroom Foundation, a voluntary association created him in 2011, with the aim of improving access to training for young people and teaching wellbeing. regenerator for young girls in underrated networks in .

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